Dance in Trance with Enoltra

Einlass: 22:00 Uhr
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Dance in Trance with Enoltraim guestroom in Graz

Dance in Trance with Enoltra | presented by Augen zu und tanzen


Enoltra is a 25 year old electronic music producer based in Austria. Her music revolves around Trance, Tech, Ambient, Experimental and Soundtracks- including combinations of these. Enoltra has always been into the arts and has always enjoyed creating/being creative. She is extremely fascinated by how sound can be created out of anything and shaped into actual music. In her music productions, Enoltra strives to be unique, tell stories, create experiences, and sometimes just be silly.

Augen zu und tanzen

Wenn "Augen zu und tanzen" zum eskalieren ladet wird der Guest Room wieder zum Dance-Place-To-Be! Nach den legendären Techno Tuesdays erwartet euch mit "Dance in Trance with Enoltra" eine dynamische Nacht im Guest Room. Und auch dieses Mal gilt die goldene 3er Regel: 1) Hüfte 2) Locker in der Hüfte 3) Sei die Hüfte